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Interview: About Black Hollywood and Colson

Interview: Black Hollywood & Oscar Controvery KRSO FM - The Drive With Steve Jaxon- Sonoma California

Interview: The Reading Circle W/ Marc Medley WP 88.7 FM New Jersey

Interview: Black Hollywood with New Books Network

Interview: Colson Whitehead with New Books Network

The Root Magazine

Charles D. Ellison, Washington Correspondent for Politico, The Philadelphia Tribune, author of the critically-acclaimed urban political thriller TANTRUM and a contributor to The Atlanta Post "quotes" Kim in his Root article: A Million Man March That Leaves 20 Years of Reflection:

The Huffington Post


Interview by Kim: “The Definition of Street Lit With Omar Tyree & Keenan Norris,” Interview with Omar Tyree and Keenan Norris, Huffington Post Blog, editor Matthew Lynch, November 11, 2013.

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