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 Author, Historian, Attorney, PhD, JD
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Kim's work


Dr. Kimberly Fain, PhD, JD, dubbed the Contemporary Voice of Cultural and Literary Critique, continues to test the boundaries of what we consider politically correct. Fain's insight into cultural issues subverts the status quo thinking regarding the historical and contemporary subject matter. Oftentimes, insisting that the truth makes societies uncomfortable but more vital as a culture.


Fain is a Professor at Texas Southern University. Due to Fain’s background in literature and research as a legal intern for federal judges and a Texas state senator, Fain’s publications specialize in the sociopolitical intersection of race, gender, and class in both classic literature and pop culture.

Fain received her undergraduate degree in English from Texas A&M, MA in English from Texas Southern University, and Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD) from Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Furthermore, Fain is a licensed attorney who was awarded two teaching and writing fellowships from the Houston Teachers Institute at the University of Houston’s Honors College (2007 & 2008). In 2012, Fain won the Rice University Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality Scholarly Award. During the same year, Buffalo Journal of Gender, Law, & Social Policy published her co-authored law article “Socio-Economic Status and Legal Factors Affecting African American Fathers” (2012). One year later, Fain received the Norman Mailer Semi-Finalist Award for her non-fiction personal narrative "Reinvention" (2013). Currently, she has two major book publications Black Hollywood  (Praeger 2015) and Colson Whitehead (Rowman & Littlefield 2015). 


A Collection of Kim's Publications and Interview Snippets

About Kim's

Black Hollywood and Colson Whitehead

Click here to here full interviews for both books.

Donald Trump, Make America Great Again, and Whitehead's Post Racial Society. Kim's Interview: 88.7 FM New Jersey W/Marc Medley

Click here to hear the full interview

Oscar Diversity, Politics, and Police Brutality.

Kim's Interview : KSRO 1350AM California

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Universities and Libraries


Fain's latest works Black Hollywood: From Butlers to Superheroes, the Changing Role of African American Men in the Movies and Colson Whitehead: The Postracial Voice of Contemporary Literature are on the shelves of more than 180 prestigious universities and public librararies around the world.


This list includes Stanford, Harvard, Juilliard, Brown, Columbia, Univ. of Chicago, Rutgers, Notre Dame, NYU -New York and ABU Dhabi, Rice, Univ. of Texas (Austin), Los Angeles Public Library System, and the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (New York) to name a few.


Top Universitisites






Univ. of Chicago


Notre Dame



Univ. of Texas

LA Public Library System

Schomberg Center


For a full list (238) of universites in the U.S. and abroad, please visit



Fellowships & Awards

SAYPO (St. Agnes Young Professional Organization) Alumni Award Finalist, 2015.


Norman Mailer Creative Nonfiction Semi-finalist Award for “Reinvention," 2013.


ABYDOS Summer Writing Fellowship, 2013


Lambda Iota Tau American International Honor Society for Literature (4.0 Average), 2015


Elizabeth Brown-Guillory/Rice University Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality  Scholarly Award, 2012


HTI Writing Fellowship (Houston Teachers Institute at University of Houston’s Honor College), 2008


HTI Writing Fellowship (Houston Teachers Institute at University of Houston’s Honor College), 2007


CALI Excellence for the Future Award for Excellent Achievement in the Study of Torts (Center for Computer- Assisted Legal Instruction), 1999


Praemium Excellentia Award for Scholastic Excellence in Torts (Texas Southern University), 1998


“Less Than Perfect” Honorable Mention (Writers Journal)

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